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Benefits of Our Clear Aligners

At FirstClass Aligners Inc., we provide high-quality and affordable aligners and retainers for orthodontic and dental practices, labs, dental service organizations, and orthodontic service organizations. Our primary goal is being a mild to moderate treatment tuneup specialist that helps perfect your patient’s teeth, alignment effortlessly for a brilliant and beautiful smile.

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Perfect for smiles in need of a tune up. We know patients stop wearing their retainers and are looking for an affordable tune up to improve their smile. Millennials and parents of patients are great candidates for an affordable smile tune up.

FirstClass provides efficient and affordable services for doctors and patients alike. We make beautiful smiles a reality with services that fit your budget.

Enjoy the benefits of our FirstClass Scan at affordable prices. We provide high quality scanner doctors and staff need to scan their patients teeth effortlessly and with confidence.

We provide your 3D case designs within 72 business hours for approval and have your custom aligners delivered to your doctor of choice within fourteen days to give you your dream smile as quickly as possible. As soon as we receive your upper and lower scan and patient photos (x-ray and CBCT are optional), we will begin the process of creating an aligner made just for you.

Our Difference at FirstClass Aligners

FirstClass Aligners offers personalized services to make smile improvements as simple as possible for doctors and their patients. With easy online access to our doctor case management portal and fast delivery, we provide an affordable and quality option for practices to treat mild to moderate aligner cases and increase their case starts, and significantly improve their ROI. 

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Aligner/Retainer and Doctor Virtual Consultation

Subscription pricing is available to further reduce your aligner and virtual consultation cost. Thus, making it an even more affordable option for our doctors and their patients.

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Doctor Virtual Treatment Consultations with An Orthodontist

For the convenience of our doctors, we have an experienced orthodontist ready to speak with you virtually and help you better understand your aligner treatment and scanner workflow and answer any related questions you might have. Virtual treatment consultations give you access to an orthodontist for any related aligner treatment or scanner workflow questions.

Schedule a 30 minute consultation through Calendly.

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Get a Confident Smile with Affordable Clear Aligner Solutions

Discover the latest, cost-effective way to straighten your teeth and perfect your smile. Learn about the benefits of clear aligners and how they can give you the confidence and comfort you deserve. Don‘t wait any longer to achieve the smile of your dreams read our article now and find out if clear aligners are the right solution for you.

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