FirstClass Aligners

Keep Your Smile With Clear Aligners


Clear aligners allow you to keep your aligner treatment comfortable and discreet, compared to wearing braces. You wear your aligners 22 hours per day. Only remove your aligners to eat and brush your teeth and resume treatment. Simply switch to your next aligner every 2 weeks or as indicated by your doctor.


Your clear aligners are always the perfect fit and are created just for you to ensure the straightening of your teeth comfortably and in the shortest time possible for a perfect smile.

Keep Your Smile Perfect

We offer retainers to keep your perfect smile. After your last aligner treatment, wear your retainers for 30 days, and after that you will only need to wear your retainers when you sleep to maintain your perfect smile.

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Successful Treatments for Your Patients

Doctors can always expect exceptional services when working with FirstClass Aligners. We want your patients to feel the difference from start to finish with our personalized 3D Case Design and 3D Smile Summary, clear aligners, and retainers to maintain your perfect smile.


We provide a seamless manufacturing process that gets aligners and retainer cases for your patients as quickly as possible. Efficiency and affordability are key to our services, and we support doctors and their staff to get their patients the best clear aligners treatment on the market.

Unique Patient Treatment Plans

FirstClass Aligners offers patients top-notch services customized to their individual requirements. We get to know your needs using 3D technology and create aligners to perfect your patient smile. Whether you require minor tune-up or more in-depth treatments, we take every measure necessary to help you feel comfortable and confident with your patient new smile.

Our best in class clear aligners and retainers are the perfect fit for you, straightening and keeping your patient new smile perfect and affordable.

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With our 3D technology, you can rest assured that your teeth will provide you with a first class smile and increased confidence.



We keep your patients teeth straight while also taking into consideration your busy schedule and your finances, providing a quick, efficient, and predictable new smile.


Each of our clear aligners is personalized for your patient, fitting their teeth just right every time.

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Finding the Best Clear Aligners For Your Smile

We work with doctors to find the best solutions for your smile. Our team provides patients with aligners to straighten their teeth and boost their self-confidence. Your smile is important to us, and we take the time and effort necessary to create teeth aligners custom-made just for you.

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Personalized Treatment Plans

Everyone’s teeth are different, and we are here to learn more about the right treatments for you. We provide mild to moderate treatments, correcting your teeth for the best smile possible. Whether you’ve stopped wearing your retainer or are new to aligners, we are happy to help you improve your smile and oral health with personalized clear aligner treatments.

Industry-Leading Science

At FirstClass Aligners, we use advanced 3D technology to make sure your patient teeth stay straight with retainers and look stunning. Everyone deserves to feel proud of their smile, and we make that a reality with our clear aligner treatment.