FirstClass Aligners

Standard Software

Designed by our doctors to ensure all aspects of the patient’s treatment is covered, enabling doctors to use our experts to design the treatment plans, whilst still being able to provide feedback directly to our doctors through the portal.

Advanced Software (Motionviewer)

Motion viewer is a powerful tool for professionals to enable them to have full control over treatment planning. This addresses practices who use advanced case design software.

Straighten Your Smile With FirstClass Aligners And Maintain Your New Smile With Retainers

At FirstClass Aligners, we offer custom treatments and teeth straightening services to help you reach your individual dental goals. Our clear aligners provide the straightest smiles and the confidence you’ll need for both work and leisure. With a few simple steps, you’ll be on your way to perfectly aligned teeth for a brilliant smile every time.

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Get Started With Clear Aligners

Achieving a straight, beautiful smile is simpler than ever with our 3D custom made clear aligners and retainers. With the help of your doctor, we will create aligners that perfectly fit your teeth for high-quality, long-lasting results. At FirstClass Aligners, our process is simple and includes the following steps:

Unique Mild to Moderate Aligner 3D Custom Treatment Plans

No smile is the same, and FirstClass Aligners creates unique 3D custom aligner treatments for patients in need of mild to moderate treatment. Whether you need minor or more complex aligner treatment, our team is here to help improve the appearance and health of your teeth with each of our available aligner treatments.

Also known as our tune-up treatment, mild treatment helps align our patients’ teeth who’ve had retainers previously but have not worn them on a consistent basis.

Our complex aligner treatment plans offer more extensive alignment and straightening for patients who have not had braces or aligner treatment and require additional aligners to achieve their dream smile.

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3D Custom Smile Summary

We provide your 3D Case Design and Smile Summary within 72 hours for approval and have your custom aligners delivered to your doctor of choice within fourteen days to give you your dream smile as quickly as possible. As soon as we receive your upper and lower scan and patient photos (x-ray and CBCT are optional), we will begin the process of creating an aligner made just for you.

Informative 3D Custom Smile Summary

We provide a 3D Smile Summary of your improved smile to review and provide feedback or approval with your doctor. Once approved, we go to work and create your custom clear aligners.

FirstClass Before and After Smiles