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Mild to Moderate Treatment Tune up solution is for Millennials and moms and dads who bring in their children for orthodontic treatment who need mild to moderate aligner tune-up or retreats.  Likely stopped wearing their retainer and just need an aligner tune up.  Practices and treatment coordinators now have a profitable treatment aligner tune up solution and can add new patients and significant revenue to the practice bottom-line.

Aligner, Retainer and Case Design Pricing:

Aligner and Retainer Pricing:

$24.95 each

Motion Viewer




Refinements.  Only pay for the additional aligners or retainers at $24.95 each

Mild to Moderate Aligner Case Fee Example:

Example aligner case with a set of retainers and shipping = $668

Optional (practice sets their own patient fee) patient treatment fee: $2,500

Patient 1st practice visit, scan upper and lower arch.

Patient 2nd practice visit, any IPR or attachments and receive aligners and retainers.

Patient 3rd practice visit upon completion of last set of aligner treatment provided the patient is tracking as scheduled.

Per example ROI patient visit = $611 (ROI per patient visit based on the actual treatment fee set by the practice).

Practice ROI per example = $1832 (ROI per patient visit based on the actual treatment fee set by the practice).

Doctor Virtual Aligner Treatment Or Scanner Workflow Consultation With Orthodontist.

Doctor Virtual Consultation $249

Maximum one 30-minute virtual consult per day.

Doctor virtual aligner treatment or scanner workflow consultation with an orthodontist.

1. Schedule a 30-minute consultation through Calendly for just $39. Simple and Effective.

2. Schedule a 30-minute Calendly doctor virtual aligner treatment or scanner workflow consultation with an Orthodontist.

Doctor virtual consultation with a woman

Standard Software

Designed by our doctors to ensure all aspects of the patient’s treatment is covered, enabling doctors to use our experts to design the treatment plans, whilst still being able to provide feedback directly to our doctors through the portal.

Advanced Software (Motionviewer)

Motion viewer is a powerful tool for professionals to enable them to have full control over treatment planning. This addresses practices who use advanced case design software.

Aligner/Retainer and Doctor Virtual Consultation

Pricing is available to further reduce your aligner/retainer and doctor virtual consultation cost. Thus, making it an even more affordable option for our doctors and their patients.

Doctor Virtual Treatment and Scanner Workflow Consultations With Industry Leading Orthodontists

For the convenience of our doctors, we have an experienced orthodontist ready to speak with you virtually and help you better understand your aligner treatment and scanner workflow related questions or concerns you might have. Doctor virtual treatment or scanner workflow consultations give you access to an orthodontist for any related questions.